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CayucoPedia Logo: version 2010.04.08

CayucoPedia is an independent project powered with MediaWiki Technology, and its main purpose is to document, broaden and share knowledge about the Cayuco Race, a unique panamanian extreme sport that takes place in the waters of the Panama Canal.

Although we rely on the Balboa Paddle Club (CREBA) for most of the official information presented in this site (such as race records, race results and race information), CayucoPedia holds NO OFFICIAL RELATIONSHIP with the Balboa Paddle Club.

The cayuco race tradition is still alive and stronger than ever, so please become a member of CayucoPedia and contribute with your knowledge of the sport to continue this beautiful project!

Why do we have a new logo?


  • Original Idea, ownership and implementation: Carlos A. Donado Morcillo (Mr.P)- [1] (WikiAdmin 2007-Today)
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