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CayucoPedia Logo: v2010.04.08
  • sp. Logo de CayucoPedia

The CayucoPedia logo is the official logo of the CayucoPedia Project. The logo was changed in 2010, after the CayucoPedia project gained its independence from the official CREBA website in 2009, upon the change of the webmaster.


Elements in the logo

The design of the logo must reveal crucial information about the project. Of the many elements that make Cayuco Race a unique sport, we chose the following symbols:

  1. The five Master Paddler beads: to represent each of the stretches of the ocean to ocean race.
  2. The paddles: to reveal information about the types of paddles used in Cayuco Race
  3. The Panama Flag: To state clearly that the sport is unique to the Republic of Panama
  4. A cayuco: to show the type of vessel used in the sport
  5. A book: to convey the idea that the project is a source of cayuco race knowledge
  6. The name of the project: CayucoPedia

General remarks about the current logo

  • The Panamanian Flag is placed correctly in the vertical position
  • The W in the corner of the book represents the idea that the project is based on MediaWiki Technology
  • The current logo was chosen among the proposed designs because it provided the most clarity when resized to 135 px x 135 px.

Proposed Designs

Please give us your feedback and more ideas about the logo here

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