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Mr. Johnny Bates

aka. Juan Bate, The Voice of the Cayuco Race

Being an outstanding character in, Mr. Bates has dedicated many of his panamanian summers to help escorting cayucos and to support cayuco paddlers with his white boat.

When escorting cayucos accross the Gatun Lake or during the race events, he uses his megaphone to scream: "Leeeeeet's goooooo [The Name the cayuco]!!!!!", or plays out loud the song "Eye of the Tiger" (The "Rocky Movies" main theme), to pump up cayuco paddlers with his positive energy. He has claimed in several ocassions that when he plays this song all members in the cayuco start paddling harder, picking up the cayuco speed.

[edit] Paddling Career (1963 - 1967)

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Mr. Bates and his white boat

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