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Panama, April 21, 2018.

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Cayuco Knowledge Categories

  • All the Cayucos: Take a look at all the cayucos that participate or have participated in cayuco race, their different crew members throughout the years, their achievements and lots of extra information.
  • Technique:
    Learn about the different techniques used in Cayuco Race, including paddling style, special strokes and more...
  • Cayuco Race Locations: This category lists all the important locations in Cayuco Race, take a look at the maps and pictures of the "Cayuco" Places.
  • Practice Stretches: Here you will find information related to the practice stretches including weather and currents conditions, distances, pictures and more!
  • Jargon: Learn all the cayuco race slangs used by cayuco paddlers.
  • Cayuco Race Culture: All the funny and unique things that make Cayuco Race the coolest sport in Panama!

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